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Water Tower in Kennington ( London )

Kennington - a district of South London, part of the Borough of Lambeth , located 3.8 km from Central London . Kennington is mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086) as Chenintune. Has the zip code SE11. As of 2011, the district was inhabited by just over 21,000. people.The area is home to The Oval cricket stadium, and the Brandon Estate is home to one of Henry Moore's sculptures.   Water tower in Kennington / photo by N Chadwick  Water Tower in Kennington ( London ) The water tower is located in the village of Kennington,a district 3.8 miles from London. The water tower was built in 1867 and provided a 30,000 gallon water supply for the nearby Lambeth Workhouse. At the time it was the tallest building in London. The building was designed in the Victorian style and built on a square plan of red brick. The façade of the water tower is decorated with medieval ornamentation : slender and tall pilasters, window openings.