Adra Lighthouse

The lighthouse of Adra is a maritime lighthouse located in Adra (province of Almeria, Spain), on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


The importance of Adra as a seaport dates back to the 8th century BC, when the city was founded by the Phoenicians under the name of Abdera. The first project for the construction of a lighthouse dates back to 1861. The current lighthouse is heir to another one built in 1896 at the mouth of the Grande de Adra river, which was destroyed by a storm. This first modern lighthouse was then replaced by another one, erected in 1899, already in the urban center.

Adra Lighthouse
Adra Lighthouse / dePoniente GDP Almería Occ.

After the Desbandá, the lighthouse of Adra was located a few kilometers from the front of the Spanish Civil War, so for fear that it could serve as a reference to Franco's aviation it was frequently turned on and off.2 A few weeks later a trench was dug around it, cutting the access road. On June 24, 1937, it was machine-gunned and suffered minor damage. However, its low height made it difficult to see the maritime signals, so it was replaced by a third one, installed in a tower with white and red bands and inaugurated in 1986, which is the current one, also located in an urban environment (the previous one is nowadays used as a Civil Protection center). The tower on which it is installed is 26 meters high, giving a focal plane of 49 m, which avoids confusion with urban lighting.


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